Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best iPhone text editor?

Well, IMHO... Are you ready? No, I don't think you are! So, a friend and I had to fix some xml file on the iPhone. We opened this marvelous text editor and were able to get the thing fixed in no time. We could move up and down, move to the exact line, search very easily, all of this from the main 2 keyboards (letters and numbers). Can you guess yet? No need for funky C-u 8 C-n command to go down a couple of lines, no need for arrow keys, no need for mouse commands! The editor with all the Ctrl command would have been a pain to use, since Ctrl sequences are a pain do execute. Arrow movements are slow and imprecise. Do you give in?
jjjjjjddO(fix the text)[esc]:x
Pure w00tness! P.S. If you still don't know, don't worry, it wouldn't have made a difference :(

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